glamourFUNK! (glamourfunk) wrote,

It's time for ACCESSORIES!! Affordable babbles up for grabs, handmade and otherwise, just for you! But before all that, view this post for details on terms and conditions, shipping rates, and discounts!

Plus, visit our sister site ladycharmington for DIY jewellery supplies today!

♥ Terms and Conditions ♥

*All sales are final and goods sold cannot be exchanged or refunded.

*As we have limited availability of stock, we may not be able to fufil all orders. Please accept our apologies in advance if the item you requested for is sold out:( Of course, if material availability permits, we would be more than happy to do remakes for you, so comment to enquire and we'll try our best!:)

*We try to provide as accurate information and product descriptions as we can. However, in the oft chance that there are inaccuracies, typographical errors, and omissions occurring, we hope you can excuse us;)

♥ Shipping and Delivery ♥

*Shipping to all local Singapore addresses are at a flat rate of S$1. If shipping costs for your items total to a value above that, the difference will be absorbed by me. Consider that a thanks for your purchase!:)

*Items will be sent out for delivery after payment is received and confirmation email (with consolidated purchases, if any) sent out. Delivery will usually arrive 2-4 days from the confirmation email.

*International buyers are welcomed. Please email to enquire about shipping rates and processes.

♥ Payment Details ♥

*We accept payment via Internet Bank Transfers / ATM Bank Transfers. Payments are to be made to our DBS Savings Plus account, account details to be emailed after your order is made.

♥ Loyalty Program ♥

To reward our regulars, regulars will receive discounts on purchases (discount percentage at our discretion per transaction), as well as random surprise gifts free with their purchases:) Our thanks to you!

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